HIPAA Compliance Email Archiving Software

How to approach email archiving?

For most organizations, maintaining electronic records and that too in an immediately retrievable and systematically-indexed manner is rather difficult. The costs in terms of technical and manpower expertise expenditures are enormous.

Do you know? Noted research analysts at AMR Research estimate compliance expenditures in North America to cross $80 billion in 2010!

Thus, there is a need to find cost-effective email archiving solutions. The most favored option in this regard is to use an HIPAA Compliant Email Archiving Software, provided by a vendor. When browsing through a list of such archiving solutions, the following features should be sought:

• Minimal Human Intervention—the entire process should be automated to make archiving undemanding.
• Indexing of Emails—this is central to making retrieval and search options useful. Indexing criteria should be customizable.
• Tamper-proof Configuration—the archiving solution should be adept at saving emails from being misused, damaged or lost. This might include access-based restrictions. This ensures that a select group of people can access email archives.

Multi-dimensional Archiving Platform—the adopted solution should support all contemporary messaging mediums to ensure incorporation of more data volumes